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Dec 4, 2021 | 10:00 am – 5:00 pm PST

Green infrastructure and nature-based solutions

  • Nature-based solutions
  • Skill-building: How to do community engagement meetings
  • Fundraising: Raising money through bond measures and taxes
  • Practice: student presentations

Class schedule

Module 1:
Understanding the Shoreline

Jul. 10 | In person

Jul. 24 | Zoom

Module 2:
Climate change & sea level rise

Aug. 7 | In person

Aug. 21 | Zoom

Module 3:
Habitat restoration & public access

Sep. 11 | Zoom

Sep. 25 | In person

Module 4:
Shoreline toxins & water quality

Oct. 9 | In person

Oct. 23 | Zoom

Module 5:
Economic development along the shoreline

Nov. 6 | In person

Nov. 20 | Zoom

Module 6:
Green infrastructure & nature-based solutions

Dec. 4 | Zoom

Dec. 11 | In person

Class recordings

Module 1 | Jul. 24 Understanding the shoreline

Overview of the Climate Crisis

Teron McGrew
Climate Reality Project

Mapping the issues

Phoenix Armenta

Shoreline solutions

Prescott Reavis
OSLA, Kulima Design

Elements of a plan

Keta Price
OSLA, East Oakland Collective

WOEIP communications

Jess Sand
Independent digital design consultant

Shoreline risks

Jessica Ludy and Alev Bilginsoy
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Module 2 | Aug. 21 Climate change and sea level rise

Addressing sea level rise with an environmental justice lens

Nahal Ghoghaie
Bay Conservation and Development Commission

Nature-based solutions

Letitia Grenier
San Francisco Estuary Institute

Oakland’s Equitable Climate Action Plan and General Plan Update

Phoenix Armenta

Lakshmi Rajagopala
Diana Perez-Domincich
City of Oakland Planning & Building Dept.

Communications: Social media storytelling

Keta Price
OSLA, East Oakland Collective

Group breakouts recap

Fundraising: Searching for grants

Phoenix Armenta

Linda Tong
SF Bay Restoration Agency

Module 3 | Sep. 11 Habitat restoration and public access

Overview of habitat restoration

Kenneth Rangel
Save the Bay

Q&A and ecosystem services of wetlands

Kenneth Rangel
Save the Bay

Exploring the iNaturalist app

Allison Young & Rebecca Johnson
California Academy of Science

Environmental risk management communications planning

Gwen Shaunnessy
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Module 4 | Oct. 23 Shoreline toxins & water quality

Overview of toxins

Ian Utz
Dept. of Toxic Substances Control

Water supply & wastewater

Ben Glickstein
East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD)

Exploring the housing encampments and land use

Nida B
The Village Oakland community housing

Video production

Adam Garrett Clark
Videographer and documentary filmmaker

Shoreline funding landscape

Julia Kim
Director of Climate and Energy Programs,
Local Government Commission