Giving West Oakland more than a seat at the table.

We give impacted residents the tools to participate in the political, social, and natural forces that impact their lives.

Environmental Justice

WOEIP is a resident led, community-based environmental justice organization dedicated to achieving healthy homes, healthy jobs, and healthy neighborhoods for all who live, work, learn, and play in West Oakland, California.

Air Quality Research

Using a Participatory Research model, our programs and projects focus the diverse voices of impacted residents on a clear message of toxics reduction and neighborhood planning for local benefits. Our community's research has fueled legislation and regulatory policy in the City of Oakland and the State of California.

Coalition Building

Our Collaborative Problem-Solving model is a blueprint for how local communities can bring diverse stakeholders together to drive on-the-ground change.

We believe in:

  • Self-determination
  • Self examination and evaluation
  • Radical confidence
  • Struggle is healthy
  • Unity without uniformity
  • Trust in the process
  • Resident-based power through knowledge and political engagement
  • Personal and organizational integrity
  • Respect for the individual and the individual experience
  • Courage to speak truth to power
  • Loyalty to allies and an understanding of self-interest
  • Leadership by affected persons

 We need you at the table—
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