We’re redefining urban development in one of West Oakland’s riskiest air pollution hotspots.

The Prescott neighborhood borders the freeway, Port, and Postal Distribution Center, making it one of the most polluted hotspots in West Oakland. It also has a high density of affordable housing and new residential development, putting all residents at greater risk of asthma, cancer, and other respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. Prescott Greening addresses these issues using a data-informed approach to community development.

West Oakland map displaying increased black carbon exposure in red along freeway border, with levels moving into orange and yellow towards the center of the neighborhood.Map of West Oakland showing green space along the freeway border into the Prescott neighborhood.
Using black carbon levels measured through a study with EDF (map 1), we’re partnering with Hyphae Design Labs to design and build neighborhood green spaces that reduce air pollution exposure for residents (map 2).

The Prescott Greening project builds on almost a decade of greening research and planning in West Oakland and is a direct result of the community-led vision in the West Oakland Community Action Plan.

Collaborating with local green engineering firm Hyphae Design Laboratory, West Oakland landowners, and the City of Oakland, we are:

  • Targeting neighborhood locations by emission exposure and health risk.

  • Using advanced modeling to design and optimize physical interventions that focus on nature-based mitigation solutions.

  • Combining land use, infrastructure, and streets to build a healthier Prescott neighborhood.

Want to know more?

For project details or to get involved, email Nicole Merino Tsui.

This project is made possible with funding from:

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