In 2017, the State of California passed AB617, groundbreaking legislation that called for community-informed solutions to poor air quality in the state’s most impacted communities. Since its inception, West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project has overseen the multi-stakeholder steering committee responsible for developing and implementing AB617’s West Oakland Community Action Plan, known as Owning Our Air.

As one of the first state-wide legislative mandates that impacted communities must be involved in the creation and enforcement of policy and regulation, Owning Our Air serves as a model for community-influenced redevelopment across the country.

West Oakland Community Action Plan

A groundbreaking plan for West Oakland

West Oakland residents endure the highest levels of diesel particulate matter in the Bay Area. Neighborhoods near the Port of Oakland and Seventh Street experience nearly three times the cancer risk from local pollution sources, compared to neighborhoods farther away. Across West Oakland, people experience higher rates of asthma, cardiovascular disease, and premature death than other parts of Alameda County and the region.

Owning Our Air, the West Oakland Community Action Plan’s report, outlines 89 strategies for emissions reduction in West Oakland. Following years of research, advocacy, and collaboration, the West Oakland Community Action Plan was approved in December 2019 and WOEIP leads the steering committee tasked with overseeing its implementation.

Cover of the 'Owning Our Air' report featuring diesel trucks, a young girls with an inhaler, and other scenes from West Oakland.

“The West Oakland Community Action Plan is a game changer for all communities similar to West Oakland in California. This is a new day of decision-making and planning that goes far beyond emission reductions.”

—Ms. Margaret Gordon, WOEIP co-director

Join the effort

Owning Our Air is led by a steering committee of West Oakland residents and business owners, air quality experts, and city and county officials. Four subcommittees oversee and inform various parts of the WOCAP plan:

  • Land use
  • Health and living buffers
  • Port and freight
  • Transit, bike, and walk

We meet on the second Wednesday each month (usually), on Zoom. These meetings are open to the public and our West Oakland neighbors are especially encouraged to join.

West Okland residents and air quality experts stand around a large table-top map, while a woman with dark hair and glasses points to the center of it.
The WOEIP-led steering committee of West Oakland residents and business owners, air quality experts, and city and county officials shares decision-making.