Our projects ensure the diverse voices of impacted residents make an impact on local toxics reduction and neighborhood planning for local benefits. We have a twenty-year track record of successful partnerships, collaborative problem-solving, and leadership development.

West Oakland Community Action Plan

Owning Our Air

As one of the first state-wide legislative mandates that impacted communities must be involved in the creation and enforcement of policy and regulation, Owning Our Air serves as a model for community-influenced redevelopment across the country.

Three steering committee members stand over a large table viewing a map of Oakland.

Oakland Shoreline Leadership Academy

We’re putting the power of shoreline planning into the hands of the people. This summer, WOEIP will launch the first ever Oakland Shoreline Leadership Academy, a six-month, paid opportunity to learn creative solutions to the issues facing our shoreline and become a resident planner responsible for shaping our city.

15 students of mixed ages stand atop a large green viewing deck behind a green metal railing, smiling and waving at the camera on a sunny afternoon.