Our projects ensure the diverse voices of impacted residents make an impact on local toxics reduction and neighborhood planning for local benefits. We have a twenty-year track record of successful partnerships, collaborative problem-solving, and leadership development.

Outdoor Air Quality

Owning Our Air: The West Oakland Community Action Plan

Built on decades of neighborhood research and developed by community members, researchers, and policy makers, Owning Our Air: the West Oakland Community Action Plan is a groundbreaking initiative that outlines 80+ strategies to reduce air pollution emissions and exposure in West Oakland.

Three steering committee members stand over a large table viewing a map of Oakland.

Outdoor Air Quality

West Oakland Air Quality (WOAQ) monitoring network

The WOAQ monitoring network is a community-owned network of air quality sensors that help us advocate for stronger environmental policies and enforcement by telling a detailed story of our neighborhood’s exposure to air pollution.

A map of West Oakland shows seven brightly colored zones, and within each zone are blue pins representing combination sensors and purple pins representing Purple Air sensors.

Community Resilience

Prescott Greening

Using advanced computer modeling and nature-based engineering solutions, Prescott Greening is redefining community development in one of West Oakland’s riskiest air pollution hotspots.

Map of West Oakland showing green space along the freeway border into the Prescott neighborhood.

Community-informed planning

West Oakland Link

Through an ongoing series of collaborative meetings, local outreach, and working directly with the agencies involved, WOEIP is ensuring that the West Oakland community plays a meaningful role in shaping The West Oakland Link, a proposed 1.1-mile-long, elevated pedestrian and bicycle pathway intended to safely connect West Oakland to the Bay Skyway/Bay Bridge Trail and the Port..


Sustainable Port Collaborative

The Sustainable Port Collaborative is an integral partnership that builds bridges with the Port of Oakland, advances Port electrification projects, and increases accountability for our marine neighbor.

Aerial view of the Port of Oakland wrapping the West Oakland neighborhood.

Indoor Air Quality

Induction Cooktop Teaching Program

Our upstart Induction Cooktop Teaching Program fuses hands-on learning with classroom curriculum to help 4th-12th grade students understand the daily impact of gas cooking on their family’s health and our climate. Through lessons on biology, environmental science, magnetism, and demonstration cooking, the ICTP puts alternatives to the polluting fossil fuel infrastructure directly in the hands of Oakland families.

A teacher and teenage student stand at the front of a classroom demonstrating climate science.


Community-based Participatory Research Studies

WOEIP is committed to finding the data and designing the research to support successful resident-driven advocacy. We share this knowledge freely and welcome community members to use our reports for positive change in Oakland and beyond.


Oakland Shoreline Leadership Academy

We put the power of shoreline planning into the hands of the people. As sea levels rise and climate change continues its march, West Oakland’s communities face imminent risk from flooding, toxic and hazardous waste, and other issues affecting the Oakland shoreline.

In 2021, WOEIP launched the first ever Oakland Shoreline Leadership Academy to ensure local residents have a voice in shoreline planning.

15 students of mixed ages stand atop a large green viewing deck behind a green metal railing, smiling and waving at the camera on a sunny afternoon.