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Encouraging cleaner, safer transportation options for our neighborhood

How do we create a livable, walkable neighborhood where people can move freely and safely throughout West Oakland? To get there, we need to mitigate the outsized impact of so many freeways and industrial corridors by:

  • Improving the design and safety of local streets.
  • Building better pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure.
  • Incentivizing cleaner transportation alternatives for residents and workers.

Explore the bike, walk and transit strategies

The West Oakland Community Action Plan has adopted 11 strategies aimed at encouraging and supporting residents to use non-polluting transit alternatives and improving their safety when they do. These include incentives and grants for replacing gas-guzzling cars with more efficient vehicles, improving public transportation and neighborhood bicycle infrastructure, requiring private development to address transit infrastructure, and more.

80+ strategies aim to improve air quality across West Oakland by 2030

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Latest Steering Committee activity

Owning Our Air is overseen by a Steering Committee comprised of West Oakland residents, businesses, air quality experts, and government representatives.

Find meeting summaries and notes, recordings and agendas, and other working documents.